"Scientia potentia est", in Latin means "Knowledge is Power". If there is one thing that mankind has understood, it is the fact that instead of annexing more and more countries and ruling over nations, it is important to rule over the minds of people. While ruling upon nations is possible with the use of brute strength, but in order to rule over the minds of people, KNOWLEDGE is the key.

Presenting to you – The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK). An organisation that has 'Learning' at its heart and 'Technology' in its DNA. We firmly believe that every student has the right to quality education, and that technology should be mined to its fullest in order to take education upto the last person.

We are a leading education services' provider and have carved out a niche for ourselves in the academic and business segments. We aim to provide affordable and technology-driven learning solutions and innovative adaptive assessment programmes that are in line with the best practices currently prevalent in the Education arena.

Incorporated in 2016, TUK has been in the education industry for the last 4 years and has been able to associate itself with numerous schools in India and abroad, and provide them with excellent service. After making a mark in the industry with our marquee product – Online General Awareness Programme, which is India's biggest online education portal catering to General Knowledge and General Awareness, TUK has diversified into a few more verticals.

The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK) is the parent body under which four main business verticals operate.

TUK Integrated Online Learning Programme

Enter the world of the latest, daily updated and contemporary content that the learner of the 21st Century needs to be aware of. Knowledge at your fingertips, literally and figuratively.

TUK Assessment

A one-stop solution for all the Assessment related needs, be it conventional school exams, entrance exams, college exams etc. In a nutshell, if conducting assessments is the problem, TUK Assessment is the solution.

TUK Publications

Yes, we love Technology, but we also love the good-old books. TUK has an enviable line up of a series of school text books ranging from Kindergarten to Secondary Education. The content, as well as the print quality of the books are of a completely different league.

TUK Quiz

Think of large scale quizzing programmes, with light systems and buzzers, and excited participants, over-excited quiz masters and all-cheering audiences, we have done all this and much more.

Putting technology to its best use, we strive to enhance the cognitive skills of the students, bridge the gaps the schools are currently facing, make the learning-process fun and hassle-free and prepare our students to become our future leaders.